it's the final meandering weeks of midsummer, about the time where i return to reality after months of aimlessness, attempted and abandoned projects, and time generally spent idly. to be fair, this summer went better than most! i spent more time than ever with friends, had a wildly successful artfight '23 (vampire sweep), and got through a few coding courses for the resume. i thought august would come with a little more control over the projects i spent my time on, but then... enter my sudden and all-consuming fixation on the hit website hosting platform neocities.

i've been working on this website almost nonstop for the last three days or so. it was pretty joyless work at first — i'm a cs major, but i've never successfully done html before, so the first few hours of work consisted of me brute-forcing through template code and styling tutorials in an attempt to get a single textbox to fit where i wanted it. after i figured that out, though, i've been in ☆customization bliss☆. now i have a really cute website made (kind of) from scratch to call my own!! i knew nothing about the early internet, so it's been a grand time discovering webcircles and blinkies and guestbooks and all the other customs that come with.

starting tomorrow, i've got to start working on my wip again (with a very serious and professional weekly word count. maybe it'll even be finished during my lifetime). at this rate, though, i don't doubt i'll keep expanding this site to include all the features and nooks and crannies my attention-deficit heart desires. it feels really cool to not be bound to a template or a certain kind of system, and instead truly create whatever i want. expect more updates very soon! —7