a little bit about me...

i'm seven — transmasc oc factory, unpublished author, aspiring rockstar, and a perpetually online trans guy from the southern us! i'm a college student studying cs, but most of my time and passion goes towards my more creative hobbies. i'm always getting into new things and always seem to have a hundred projects at any given time... but what's one more?

hobbies: hiking, zines, drawing, writing, poetry, guitar, d&d, video games
likes: milk tea, wildflowers, oscar wilde, tarot cards, black t-shirts, music boxes, impressionism
dislikes: cars, tree nuts, (attempting to learn) the french language, bugs

below, i've compiled an extensive list of my favorite media for your perusal (and for my convenience). later on, these may get dedicated pages or web shrines. the future is limitless!

thanks for stopping by!

  • ☆ lord of the rings ☆
  • the raven cycle
  • the picture of dorian gray
  • ☆ salome ☆
  • the secret history
  • interview with the vampire
  • interview with the vampire
  • what we do in the shadows
  • andor
  • moominvalley
  • over the garden wall
  • the last airbender
  • everything everywhere all at once
  • across the spiderverse
  • howl's moving castle
  • dead poets society
  • maurice
  • ☆ the smiths ☆
  • hozier
  • fleet foxes
  • inhaler
  • radiohead
  • jann
  • ☆ hadestown ☆
  • les mis
  • natasha pierre and the great comet
  • ghost quartet
  • into the woods
  • stardew valley
  • minecraft
  • fallout new vegas
  • phasmophobia
  • markiplier
  • yotsuba&!